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Cenobots L50 Robotic Scrubber & Dryer A1 Powered

Cenobots have unmatched safety capabilities, the smartest Xavier Al chip intelligence, and are fast and efficient in cleaning. It will auto­matically take in it’s surrounding environment and change course as needed to make sure your facility is clean and “shines”. It will bridge the gap between staff and existing programed machines by using cutting-edge Lidar technology, enabling the robots to “see” debris and spills and clean them up immediately.

Cenobots are user-friendly requiring nearly zero human involvement

after programming. This enables you to have less employee dollar s
 spent on cleaning and more on tackling pressing tasks. The ease of
maintenance is unmatched. The machines are easy and quick to repair and replace any parts as needed with no training necessary. It is nearly half the price of its competitors and boasts a 12 month Return on Investment (ROI) with extreme savings in the following years.

Al -powered cleaning machines are the future of commercial cleaning. Cenobots are the answer to the challenges regularly faced in cleaning, and strict cleanliness requirements are met with ease, environmental and sustain-ability standards aren’t a problem any longer, lowers or eliminates employee turnover, and increases productivity even during the busiest hours which remarkably reduces overall operating costs.

Additional advantages of the Cenobot L50 over other autonomous machines and manual scrubbers include: 27663 square feet (or 2570 square meters) are cleaned per hour, which is double competitors’ claims. There is Real time 3-D mapping, a 20″cleaning width, user-friendly mobile app control interface and a maximum 6 hour run time. It has a large 14.5 gallon tank, 5-stage filtration system, 492 feet (150 m)
detection range, fast automatic map updating to clean every single inch
detection, protruding object and glass detection,
and a large 10.1 inch touch screen. Updates are over air real time


It comes with a standard portable battery charger. The multi-functional L50 Working Station Charging Work Station (CS) can be purchased separately, which will be equipped with a range of automatic features ensuring effortless mainte­nance of the robot. The station covers charging, refilling clean water, draining wastewater and will add cleaning supply’s.This again, allows your employees to focus on other tasks.

Cenobots 4 in 1 Charge / Work Station for L50

Cenobots 4-in-1 work station is equipped with an array of automatic functions that ensure the effortless maintenance of the robot. This station covers everything from charging to refilling clean water, drain¬ing the waste water, and fills the detergent. The in novative work station ishassle-free maintenance like never before.
This work station eliminates the esxtra time it takes employees to fill, refill, empty, and charge your machines. Withthe Charge / Work Station (CWS), the L50 scrubber and Dryer takes care of it all on its own. The weight of the CWS is 99 lbs. (45 kg). It is 18.1 x 10.2 x 33.9 in. (460 x 260 x 860 mm) for the main body, and it’s max power is 1000 W / 1.34 hp, input voltage is 100-240 V a.c., output voltage 1s 24 V. As noted before, it has auto power charging, auto water refilling, auto waste water draining and the auto detergent filling. It makes the work easier everywhere including hotels, resorts, education institutions, sports facilities, shopping services, and in health services where hygiene is particularly important.

Cenobots SP50 Al-Powered Vacuum & Sweeper

This vacuum / sweeper is the world’s first AI-Powered Robotic Vacuum / Sweeper with true spot-cleaning capabilities. Workers, as they clean your facility, see the areas that need attention. Cenobots bridge the gap between your staff and existing autonomous machines by using cutting-edge technology. This enables the robots to “see” debris and spills and clean them up immediately.
Our vacuum has unmatched safety capabilities, the smartest Xavier Al chip intelligence, and fast and efficient cleaning, and picks up all types of debris, no matter the size, with automatic adjusting suction power to elevate your cleaning routine and cut back on the manpower necessary for making your facility SHINE.
Cenobots are incredibly user-friendly and require nearly zero human involvement after programming, freeing employees to work on more pressing tasks. The maintenance is easy; machines are made for quick and easy repairs and part replacement, no training necessary!
Cenobots are the answer to the challenges regularly faced in cleaning: strict cleanliness requirements are easily met, sustainability and environmental safety standards are no longer a problem, the robot can lower or eliminate employee turnover, increase productivity even during peak hours, and the Cenobot SP50 will reduce operations costs overall.
Al-powered cleaning machines are the future of commercial cleaning and the future is here.

Advantages of the SP50 over other autonomous machines or manual scrubbers:

Max. 21,388 square meters, or 70,170 square feet, of full coverage cleaning per hour • Real time 3D mapping User-friendly mobile app control interface • 18-liter dust/debris filter bag & 5-liter trash tray

Max. 13 hours run time (2x competitor’s) • 150 meter or 492 feet, detection range • Protruding object and Glass detection standard • <5 cm Edge Detection • Fast automatic map updating to clean every inch of facility

10.1 inch Touch Screen • Over-Air real-time updates

Cenobots SP50 Charging / Work Station For use with the SP 50 Vacuum Spot Cleaner

When battery power is quickly running low, the SP50 vacuum & sweeper robot has the ability to automatically return to the charging dock to recharge itself. Once the charging is completed, the SP50 automatically resumes its previous task. Employees no longer need to stop what they are working on to get a machine charging, the SP50 will take care of itself with the CCS charging station.

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